We offer the Mover and Matrix lines from Proteco Automated Gates as the gate motors, along with our own custom design and fabrication for the gate structure.

Other types of automation: Swing, Garage, Barrier


Rack-driven motor for sliding gates up to 1500 kg.
230V – 115V – 24V

  • Ideal solution for residential and apartment block settings.
  • Slick design, the position of the pinion on the short side of the gearmotor makes it particularly suitable for reduced space installations.
  • Sturdy aluminum base with external regulation for quick and optimal installation. Noble metal gears, bronze transmission shaft.
  • User-friendly and weatherproof release system for easy manual operation.

Available in 24V for gates up to 650Kg for residential settings.

For more information on this motor, view this PDF


Rack-driven motor for heavy-duty industrial sliding gates up to 2500 kg
230V – 48V

  • Ideal solution for gates for intensive and semi-intensive use in apartment settings up to 1,800 kg and industrial gates up to 2,500 kg.
  • Double start capacitor for extra-power during slowdown for maximum reliability and precision in opening and closing.
  • Gearmotor with brushless technology for gates with intensive use up to 2,500Kg and high-speed version for gates up to 1,800Kg.
  • Embedded control board with integrated receiver fitted on the upper side of the motor for easy programming.
  • Maximum safety and reliability granted by obstacle detection via encoder and memo-adaptive technology to overcome different weather conditions and friction changes.
  • Twinning function to synchronize two mirror sliding gates

For more information on this motor, view this PDF